Friday, November 28, 2008

First day of work and Door

Hello everyone, I’ve finally updated because I feel that theres a need to do so! Haha, what a retarded reason because basically, my life over the past few weeks after the Os are…. Boring…. :)

Ok! To start off, twas my first day at work yesterday, together with Chong Boon, Lian Rui and Sheau Yun! We were all really excited upon going to the Hotel, Swiss Hotel or Rccc (Raffles City Conventional Centre) to earn some money, hehehe. However, the most “sia suay” things start to unfold; well… not in the beginning of the work for me… but it happened when I’m happily knocking off from work… you’ll know when you continue reading this post… :)

Signed into the hotel with Cb and Sy (Lian the latecomer who eventually arrived half hr later than us but was lucky enough to enter on time) and collected our uniform. Haha, it was pretty nice though :s grey in color, long sleeve with some Chinese attire-like collar… awkward but unique… followed a colleague (damn, I always forget China ppl’s name -.-) to the dining hall, and yes, the food tasted great, just because I’m famished hahaha v(-.-v) … Sheau Yun is the “best”, made friend with so many people like almost instantly…haha… but I think I made more... being an outcast…

Why am I an outcast? Lol, really… I got the job earlier than Sheau Yun and guess what… I was placed into a ballroom, different from the 3 of them… and I was like, cannot be… First day of work and this is what the Hotel did to me… But it was a good experience after all… doing things independently…

So work starts, was assigned to guard the door and arrange the chairs… then smile at the guests… then serve the food… twas buffet… but a different kind… the guests inside were having some sort of Bio meeting about the heart as they are promoting some crap thing for the heart… so the food were packaged in a box… and then slacked for an hour., cuz we had nothing to do as we wait for the buffet to end, so did the Indian Team Leader… chatting with his fellow Indians while I’m almost bored to death somehow… After which, we had to clear the whole ball room… man… it was tiring okay… 6 people clearing everything, the cups, food packages, and the tables and chairs… and then re-arranging the set-up again for the next day’s event, but yes hhaha, finally got to move my arms and legs again… so after 3/4 of the year not exercising, you know how much pain I had to go through hahaha… but I appreciated it… … … and hell begins…

After I signed out or knock out… I have to go to the Basement 2 to change and return the uniform… but I forgot to return the name tag… so took the lift up again and returned -.- and again… took the lift down… to B2 and the most bizarre thing happened… being a newbie… I’m not familiar with the place at all and I thought, yeah B2… this should be right… and all I remembered was to enter the door on the left once I come out of the lift… so I did… I opened the door and entered and the inside was like a long and narrow alley, about 1m width… I felt weird but I guess it’s the correct place… then I really felt something was wrong when suddenly, the door shut with a loud slam which freaked me out… I realized I was in the wrong place and decided to return to the lift when the door from which I entered was locked… … I was trapped… In a long and narrow alley which was really eerie… with white lights that would die out anytime soon…

I panicked… really… so I ran further down the alley when I saw another door… so I opened… the door was able to open from the outside but, not from the inside, too… so I put a brick which I found there to stop the door from closing and what I saw was stairs… which led to another entrance that had no lights… I was like, “ Am I gonna die here… …” sounded stupid but in that situation that I’m in, being helpless and what more when the fear that overwhelms you got even stronger, any normal human being would say the most ridiculous things.

All drenched with cold sweat, I ran back to the first door… forced and kicked the door to open, but they’re all futile… I called Cb and Lian… they didn’t pick up…crap and my battery left 10%... when I tried dialing again… it dropped to 9%... suayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy… then I prayed, earnestly… and u know what? This may seem unbelievable… God hears my prayers… God really does… he sent an Indian staff down and opened the door for me… I wasn’t yelling or knocking at that point of time… but that staff knew I was inside… another bizarre? No, miracle and I thank God for that. Amen. After I was ‘rescued’… yes, I rushed to the toilet and changed… my uniform stink like mad ah I tell u -.-...

Met the guys and told them my Door experiences… well, they had their nightmares, too… but I’m sure mines extraordinary, or kuku cuz its not an honor going through something so horrifying…

Still, I thank God.

As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.
-Joshua 1:5b

Monday, September 01, 2008


Every morning a huge man built like a wrestler got on the same bus.
"Big John doesn't pay!" he always announced before taking his seat. Tired of being taken advantage of, the scrawny bus driver finally decided to do weightlifting. Six months later he felt ready to challenge the passenger.
"Big John doesn't pay!" said the man as he boarded the bus.
"And why not?" roared the driver, squaring up to him.
"Because Big John has a bus pass," he replied.

For his birthday we gave our three-year-old son a Darth Vader costume. He put it on excitedly and told my husband in his best Darth Vader voice: "Daddy, I am your father."
-Brenda Evans

A man walks into a wine bar with his dog.
"Excuse me," says the barman. "No dogs allowed."
"Its OK," the man responds. "This is a super-intelligent, talking dog."
"Oh, yeah?" sneers the barman. "Prove it."
"What grows on trees?" The man asks the animal.
"Bark, bark," replies the dog.
"What do you find on top of a house?"
"Roof, roof," says the mutt.
"whats the opposite of smooth?"
"Rough, rough," growls the hound.
The barman realises he's being made a fool of and throws the man and his dog out.
"Well, I'm terribly sorry, Peter," says the dog to his owner outside on the pavement. "Just out of curiosity, which one did I get wrong?"
-Tim Vine

I had a good laugh and almost choked on my chips upon reading. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 30, 2008



一生爱你, 一生荣耀你
一生奉献, 一生不回头
一生爱你, 跟随你

Hello, I've finally updated! :)
Yeah, prelims over and now chillin' for a while before going back to books again. You know, I'm starting to feel the tension already! Os!
Anyway, its been quite happening lately, both pleasant and unpleasant.
Oh, twas Teachers' Day yesterday, so happy belated teachers' day! The Aces day dance was really ace man, really enjoyed it, with those bunch of hooligans rofl, so am I. After the dance was concert and i must say that its really boring, except for the NCC's song dedication. Mr Lim was awesome with the Ovation and the punchy distortion really blew me away. Then took some photos with the class during interaction time and thats all for teachers day.

Yes, I played the song and hope you guys like it :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ulang Tahun pernikahan. Keluarga Fu.

my dad (left) & timotius suk suk!

Berkatilah Keluarga ini Tuhan

Thursday, May 29, 2008

#1.If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?

Forgive, but if shes not guilty of that matter, get lost.

#2 If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?

Martin guitar for sure (ps, this is uber selfish)

#3 What will your dream wedding be like?

my mom will help me settle

#4 What would you do with a billion dollars

Use $10 note as tissue paper. Kidding. Seriously, i would donate to whoever that needs it. Standard answer yet thats all i can do. Of course, i use most of it la duhhhhh

#5 What’s your ideal lover like?

Someone who dedicates her life to me (i shy alr uh)


The prettiest lady that my eye could see.

#6 Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?

Being loved.

#7 How long do you intend to wait for someone u really love?

Very long.

#8 If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?

Think of smth to break them up then be the nice guy. haha kidding, but even good guys think of this. nah, actually i would just keep in touch with her, be the one to comfort her when shes down ya know, then she'll feel touched by me and waaaaaaa..... the best crap i've written....

#9 Is there anything that has made you unhappy these days?

Yes. The guitar that im using made me hate her.

#12 How do you see yourself in ten years time?

Loving God, good father, successful

#13 Who is currently the most important people to you?

Who "is" or who "are" the most important people? If "is" the personal. If "are" plenty, if you know me and i've disturbed you and pranked you and teased at you, then you're the lucky one. Haha.

#14 What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?

No idea what the question is askin'.

#15 Would you rather be single & rich or married but poor?

Married but poor. Cmon la, but i'll strive for smth better, married is a must and money must be sufficient for my family to survive.

#16 What’s the first thing you do every morning?

Snooze my alarm clock.

#17 Would you give all in a relationship?

Certainly, unless i know im just playin around with the girl and being flirty, but rest assured viewers, im not that kind of guy.

#18 If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?

Meet both of them, see who made my heart pump faster when i see her then i choose her lor... haha kidding... i really don't know...

#19 What type of friends do you like?

Outgoing, humble, never mock at you at anything serious.